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          Charter Schools

          Raymond James provides focused expertise to solve charter schools' facility financing needs and works with schools at all stages, from pre-opening single site to established, multi-site organizations. We are the only charter school underwriter who also maintains a dedicated USDA specialty group. Our team approach allows us to pursue a financing route specifically tailored to each school's unique situation.

          Raymond James has served as underwriter on more than $500 million of charter school financings and placement agent or advisor on more than $80 million of USDA loans for charter schools.

          Full-service Capabilities

          • Underwriting
          • Private placements
          • USDA financing
          • Rating agency strategy
          • Debt portfolio analysis
          • Investment of proceeds advisory
          • Financial advisory
          • Derivatives advisory


          Matt Palumbo
          Vice President
          Richmond, VA
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          Michael Kirby
          Michael Kirby
          Vice President
          Myrtle Beach, SC
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