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          Florida Education Finance

          Committed to building brighter futures in the place we call home.

          Our Public Finance platform makes Florida schools a priority – a focus that has resulted in powerful results for schools and students and for our firm. Since 2014, Raymond James has ranked fourth as senior managing underwriter for Florida school district issues, with an aggregate senior managed par amount of over $727 million.* In addition, over this same period Raymond James Capital Funding, Inc. (a non-bank subsidiary of Raymond James Bank) has served as lender on six Florida school district issues totaling over $192 million. The firm consistently ranks among the top three co-managers for Florida school district issues, participating as co-manager on 35 transactions for a total par amount of nearly $2.25 billion over the past five years.** 

          Unlike other public finance investment banking firms working throughout the state, Raymond James is headquartered here, making us uniquely qualified and committed to serving local Florida issuers. Our platform enjoys a powerful distribution network and the largest underwriting desk in the Southeast, located in St. Petersburg, Florida.


          * Source: Thomson Reuters, based on total par amount
          ** Source: Thomson Reuters, based on total number of transactions

          Full-service Capabilities

          • Underwriting
            • Master Lease Certificates of Participation
            • Sales Tax Revenue Bonds
            • Racetrack Revenue Bonds
            • General Obligation Bonds
            • Revenue Anticipation Notes
            • Tax Anticipation Notes
            • Commercial Paper
          • Private Placements
          • Bank Loans through Raymond James Capital Funding
          • Rating Agency Strategy
          • Financing Capacity Projections
          • Debt Portfolio Analysis
          • Investment of Proceeds Advisory
          • Derivatives Advisory
          • USDA Financing

          Funding schools. Inspiring students.


          Rick Patterson
          Managing Director
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          Jon Eichelberger
          Managing Director
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          Glenn Gough
          Vice President
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          Frank Leto
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